My work is with individuals and organizations, assisting them to reach the utmost potential by building on success. When we work on concrete steps together, we create a structure to support your success in reaching your goals. My emphasis is on relationship building, developing a trusting partnership, and creating pathways for consistent and honest feedback.  


It is so important, when resources are tight, to build capacity through volunteers and lay leaders. Your organization needs to energize your volunteers, develop a committed constituent base, and create new groups that will grow your organization. People are thirsty for meaningful interactions and I will customize a program that feels right for you. See below.

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Career Direction for a Life of Meaning. 


There is so much noise in our daily lives and it can be difficult to listen to your own inner voice. Your career holds the most meaning for you when it contributes to your life's purpose. There are many distractions that we engage in that contribute to internal clutter. I will help you focus on your heart's desire and begin on the path that you're meant to pursue. Live a life of purpose and derive meaning from what you do. Through guided exercises, honest reflection and candid conversations, you will craft your life's course and a career development plan. You'll benefit from having an initial career assessment, then you can decide what next steps to take. Contact me about your career aspirations.

Your new life STARTS NOW.


The hardest part of embarking on a journey is deciding where to go. How can you be one of life's travelers if you don't have a road map? I will help make things easier as you gain insights into your character, personality, strengths, hopes and dreams. I will support you, be there to answer questions, and be your personal promotional agent. Start Now. 

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Thank you for helping my son

figure out his next steps! He feels great about his college essay and appreciates your insight---he actually said it was fun! 


Susan J.




I was stuck---couldn't begin to do a resume or think about a career objective. I'm so appreciative of the help to get moving again. Let's do lunch, my treat, when I get my next job! 


Aphira  S.

We're looking forward to working with you on our next project, and forging ahead with your guidance.


Daniel G.




I am incredibly appreciative of everything YOU have done for our program.


Jill R. 





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